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History Speaks


The museum sponsors the "History Speaks" lecture series four times a year. In-person events are held in the Eagles school. Other lectures have been online. A $5.00 donation is suggested.


Recent presentations have included:

  • Billy Yeargin, "Tobacco Culture in NC: Pure Gold"

  • Leesa Jones, "The Underground Railroad in Eastern, NC"

  • Wade Soklosky, "Confederate Hospitals in NC"

  • Lisa Henderson, "Say Their Names: Reclaiming Our Enslaved Ancestors"

  • Joanne Honeycutt, “History Speaks though a Novel: Frozen Angels”

  • Jim Kirkland and Regina YC Garcia, "Talking the Fire out of Burns: Tradition and Memory in Eastern NC"

  • David Gagnon, Monarch Meadows Project,"Preserving Heritage Plants by Promoting Pollinators: Monarch Butterfly Conservation"

  • Michael Ausbon, North Carolina Museum of History, "Behind the Veneer: Thomas Day: Master Craftsman"

  • Diana Bell-Kite, North Carolina Museum of History, "Quilt Stories"

  • Kimberly Kenyon, Senior Conservator at Queen Anne's Revenge Laboratory, "Updates on Research on the Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck"

  • Donald Collins, Retired Professor of History, East Carolina University, "History of the Civil War in Pitt County"

  • Larry Tise, author and historian,"The Outer Banks and the Dawn of Flight"

  • Karl Rodabaugh, Professor of History, East Carolina University, "Life of NC Governor Richard Dobbs Speight"

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