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Photography at the Museum


The museum is a great setting for a variety of photos including family holiday pictures, wedding and engagement photos, and senior portraits. We are happy to arrange appointments for photography. There is a monetary charge because our liability insurance requires that a board member be on site for the duration of the photography session. If you are interested, please read the policy below and fill out the application. We will work with you to find a preferred date and time when you can take photos.



A permit is required for all posed or commercial photography/videography at the Eastern Carolina Village & Farm Museum. A permit is required whether the images are taken by a professional photographer or by an amateur acting in the role of a professional. Personal photography and videography for private, non‐commercial use is permitted (and encouraged!) in the Village.


Purpose of Permits:  The Photography Policy is not meant to be restrictive but is required to help avoid operational challenges, space conflicts, damages to the property, interruptions to guests using the facility and issues of liability.


  1. One-Time Permit:  For professional and amateur photographers taking professional or group photos, a one-time permit may be purchased for one, two-hour session during regular operational hours. The cost for a two-hour session is $25.00. This fee is charged separately from any other fees for rentals of the facilities. Checks should be made payable to: Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum. There will be an additional fee of $25.00 for all returned checks.


  1. Hold Harmless:  Photographers and guests agree to hold the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum harmless from all claims, suits, and judgments or damages arising out of any such property loss or injury.


  1. Damage to Facility:  The photographer is responsible for damages to the grounds, fencing, buildings, furniture, artifacts and equipment caused by the Photographer or anyone associated with the Photographer’s use of the ECVFM facilities and property.


  1. Animals:  Animals are not allowed on the property with the exception of assistance animals. The use of specific animals for photography must be approved in writing in advance by the Director of the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum and is subject to the limitations specified in that approval.


  1. Photograph Usage:  Any photographer who uses images of the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum for commercial, advertising, or promotional purposes is required to have expressed written consent by the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum and may be subject to a licensing fee. Without prior authorization and payment, any photographs of the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum are strictly forbidden to be sold or used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Photography Permit Application

Click on the red button to open a fillable PDF application. Complete and then save it to your computer. Attach it to an email sent to We will contact you with a date and time. 

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