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About Us

Village Officers, Executive Board and Advisory Board

The Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are entirely supported by donations and funds earned. Officers and board members are elected to two year terms.


  • President, Holly Hoag

  • Vice-President, Sharon Arnold

  • Secretary, Diane Gregg

  • Treasurer, Dave Pulver

Board Members:

  • Joanne Honeycutt

  • Roger Kammerer

  • Marty Priddy

  • Bonnie Pulver

  • Patricia Shegas

  • Jack Taft

  • Marty Thompson

  • Alice Keene, ex officio

Advisory Board Members:

  • Trish Cobb​

  • Pam Finch

  • Robert Schackleford

  • Rosemary Toumey

  • Anne Wilmer

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