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Artifact Donation Policy


The Museum welcomes gifts of objects like tools, household items, machines; photographs, and documents that enhance or develop our collection and are consistent with our mission to interpret rural life in eastern North Carolina between 1840 and 1940. Please do not send or drop off objects without prior consultation. 

Please email Jack Taft, chair of our Collections Committee, and let him know what you wish to donate, any details you have about the item and its condition, and attach two or three photos. Decisions about donations are made by the committee and voted on by the Museum's Board of Directors.


We very much appreciate valued donations from the public, but caution that the high costs of providing for the long-term care, conservation, and display of artifacts means we must be selective in what we accept. We try not to duplicate items already in the collection.

The committee uses the criteria below to make decisions:

  • The artifact’s relevance to the history of eastern North Carolina between 1840-1940.

  • The appropriateness of the artifact to the collection and research needs of the Museum

  • The ability of the Museum to provide proper long-term care, storage, conservation and dispay

  • Assurance that the artifact was collected and received in full compliance with all laws and regulations of the country of origin, individual states, and the federal government of the United States

  • The physical condition of the artifact

When a donation is accepted, the museum will furnish the donor a letter certifying that the donation is tax deductible. It is up to the owner to establish value and the museum cannot furnish an appraisal.


Please click the button and send an email with your name, email, and phone number and brief description of the items including age, condition, and history, along with two or three attached photos.


  • Pot-bellied stove for our country store

  • New or used historical costumes for our docents 

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