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The Museum is located on 5 acres on County Home Road between the Leroy James Farmer's Market and Wintergreen Elementary School in Greenville, NC. The land belonged originally to the farm associated with the Pitt County Home for the Aged and Infirm. The large barn was built in the 1930s and used by residents farming the land. The county deeded the land to the museum and the different buildings from around the region were relocated there in 2009.

The site is arranged like a village and is anchored by three important original buildings:  The Eagles School (ca. 1900) from Fountain, NC, , the Satterthwaite Store  (ca. 1880) from Pactolus, NC, and the Thomas Adrian Savage House (ca. 1855) from the Bell's Fork area of Greenville.

Also found on site is an original log cabin, tobacco curing barn, corn crib, smoke house and stable and other small buildings along with a chapel. Exhibit buildings constructed from old tobacco barns house the hundreds of artifacts owned by the museum.

The museum is ADA handicapped accessible with

paved sidewalks, ramps to all buildings, and paved handicapped parking in front. We also have a newly constructed ADA compliant restroom building.

Rentals: The Eagles school has heat and air conditioning and can be used for meetings. The entire campus can be rented for events like family reunions and birthday parties. For more information, email us at

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Satterthwaite Store

Satterthwaite Store

This country store was located at Pactolus in Pitt County circa 1879, but it was purchased by the Satterthwaite family and became known as The Satterthwaite Store. These enterprising merchants had the first telephone, the first gas pump, and later the first post office in the area.

The store closed in 1973.


Eagles School

The Eagles School, a typical one-room schoolhouse, was built in 1903 near Fountain in Pitt County by the Eagles family for $400. The school contains two original desks and 12 pictures of some of the original teachers. These women could teach students from 6 to 16 years old.

These sites became vital centers in rural communities for public meetings, political speeches, and voting stations

Eagles School


Thomas Adrain Savage House

The Thomas Adrian Savage House was built in the mid-1850’s near Bell’s Fork in Pitt County. This house is a fine example of vernacular Greek Revival architecture and one of the the few remaining in the county. It represents an example of a home of a middle class farmer, while most Pitt County farmers in the 19th century were poor and lived in log houses.

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   The Savage House

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